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Some of the services offered are:

Selling a Home

Using principals of Classical Feng Shui we will make enhancements necessary to assist you in selling your home.
Many components are used to help promote and maximize a property’s marketability with the emphasis on timing.

Buying a Home

Buying the right house is a very important decision and can have a huge impact on your life. When viewing homes to buy using Feng Shui principles we will analyze key components in the home.  Then we will determine which home will best support the buyers Health, Happiness , and  Prosperity. When advised by a Feng Shui professional you will know you are choose the right home for your family.

Building a Home

Building the house of your dreams would be to design the ideal floor plan pre-construction. My expertise lies in the designing of a floor plan that will include the positioning of the door, the stove / kitchen, location of bedrooms and other important areas necessary for achieving the desired effect.

Existing Residence

If the audit is to be conducted on an existing structure, I will conduct the necessary analysis to determine what the recommendations are for enhancements and improvements.  Conclusions will be based on the location of key components within the house, taking into account the people residing at the house, the direction the house faces and other equally important components.

Existing Business

For already established businesses or corporate offices, relocation of key personnel, adjustment of doors, placement of reception areas and other recommendations can be made to improve productivity and increase revenues.

New Business

I would design a floor plan to suit your business needs. Things such as the positioning of the entrance, exit and internal doors, principal/management offices for the business, the best direction of traffic flow of customers/clients, placement of the different members of the staff and much more must be determined. For example in instances where the business is a store, placement of the cash register is extremely important.

Blue Print Analysis & Pre-Construction

Architects provide consultation services and professional assistance. An audit will consist of either the renovation or restructuring of a home. I will analyze the blue prints and make improvements necessary such as Room locations, Doorways, Stove location, etc.
I will make sure all improvements are made to support the residence in the home. This service can be done before or after the blue prints have been drawn up.


Consulation: $280

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